We Are Alive

How much does a 60-second video cost?

The price of a video or an animation depends on many factors, such as duration, style, complexity, number of languages, project timeline, and it can vary a lot. But as a general rule, 60-second 2D animations cost between AED 18,000-45,000 ($5,000-12,000), 3D animations are between AED 35,000-90,000 ($10,000-25,000), and live-action video price is based on the number of shooting days, cast and locations.

How long will the production take?

Producing a good looking video is a time-consuming process, and we like to do it properly and not rush. But we know that sometimes things are needed urgently, and that's why we have a big enough team to deliver projects quickly when required. Generally speaking, a 60-second 2D animation will take around 4 weeks from conception to delivery. A 3D animation is in the range of 8 to 12 weeks.

Do you do everything in-house?

Our core team is based in Dubai Media City. That's where all the ideas come from, as well as most of the production. We also have a vast network of freelancers worldwide, and depending on the type of the project, we may use talented designers, animators, and voiceover artists to support us. But if, for any reason, client requests to have everything produced locally, we are ready for it.

Do you create Arabic videos?

Yes, of course! Most of our videos are produced in Arabic and English. We have Arabic-speaking animators on the team, and we can easily adapt the English version to the Arabic language if required.

Can you record voiceovers?

We work with many talented voiceover artists from all over the world. At the start of the creative process, we'll send you some suitable samples based on your gender, age, and accent preferences. If there is a voice that you like, we'll arrange and direct the recording. During the production, we will usually record a placeholder voiceover and use it until the final VO is recorded.

Do you compose music?

We have done this for a few of our projects in the past. But it is generally faster and more cost-effective to use library music. There are many online sources to choose from, and our creative team would present you with multiple options. But original composition is always an option.

Can you add sound effects?

Sound effects design is crucial for the success of an animated video. It's an invisible layer that helps us create a more realistic feeling when watching the final video. It can make the movement soft or hard, it can create a sense of urgency or calm, and it can even depict things that are happening off-screen. We take sound effects design very seriously, and it's a must for every project we do.

Why are you called We Are Alive?

It's our way of expressing happiness of life and celebrating creativity! When we started the company in 2014, we wanted to create something exciting and fun. We'd all worked for big agencies before and wanted to bring that level of creativity and professionalism to a smaller boutique studio that could produce great work more quickly and cost-effectively. Being alive is all about growing together, enjoying the highs while helping each other through the lows. We try to bring a positive ethos to every project, and we believe we can change the world if we stick together. Everything is possible because we are alive!