Motion BTM

Beat the Market

Video is Dubai based online service that compares insurance offers from different providers. They wanted to create a fun video that would steer away from the insurance stereotype.

We designed two characters Beatrix and Tom, who just realized that their insurance has expired. The fun part is that BTM team continued using the characters and our designs on their website and social media. So Beatrix actually has her own Facebook page and she continued to live beyond the frame of our animation.

We Are Alive
Art Director
Aleksandar Sandorov
Motion Graphics Design
Aleksandar Sandorov
Music & sfx
Sava Botic
Voice Over
Lance Blair
Illustration & Character Design
Dusan Zaklan
Animation screenshot presents two 2D characters in the spotlight on the purple background. Characters are designed in the simple manner.
Animation screenshot presents Dubai based start up and their logo on the orange background.
Animation screenshot presents Character design of the call center representative, illustrated with his desk.
Animation screenshot presents 3D model of lap top with Beat the Market application on the screen.
Animation screenshot presents web page with car and home illustrated and with main female character design.
Animation screenshot presents 3D model of the car with two people in it with a part of the asphalt beneath the car.