Motion Andon

Emirates Cool Chain


We animated a story about Emirates Skycargo Cool Chain facilities. We used a set animation guidelines and brand elements to create a fast and snappy video with infographic elements and typography that works great on social media and mobile devices.

We Are Alive
Motion Graphics Design
Aleksandar Sandorov
Music & sfx
Sava Botic
Animation screen shot presents red and white color combination with Emirates SkyCargo logo. The text says Hello State-of-art Cool Chain.
Animation screen shot presents bright blue background filled with pictograms of people, and title in the middle of the frame that says 500 highly trained staff.
Animation screen shot presents four screen shots combined in one image, all on the blue background, each presenting one illustration in white.
Animation screen shot presents illustration of heavy weight in red color, agains the bright blue background.
Animation screen shot presents illustration of the refrigerated truck on the blue background with typography in the centre of the screen that says: 12 refrigerated trucks.