Motion Landor Associates

Happy New Year


We received an open brief to make a New Year video card for a branding agency Landor associates. So we asked people from their global network, what are their wishes for the upcoming year and we received a bunch of answers from all over the world.

We Are Alive
Music & sfx
Sava Botic
Art Direction
Aleksandar Sandorov
Stop motion animation
Aleksandar Sandorov
Animation Assistance
Froylan Castaneda, Franziska Semer, Ivana Stojanovic
Aleksandar Sandorov, Froylan Castaneda
Animation screen shot presents paper cut out of 2013 on the yellow background.
Animation screen shot presents stop motion animation elements, paper cut out of plane, and some cotton wool for the clouds.
Animation screen shot presents X ray negative and a message that says a cure for the common cold.
Animation screen shot presents elements for the stop motion animation, paper cut out of the planet with orange paper cut out that presents sparks of happiness.
Animation screen shot presents paper cut out letters that says: May All Your Wishes Come True!
Animation screen shot presents various plane tickets presented on the world map and passport. The text is saying: I want to travel more.