Motion KidGuard



KidGuard is a simple smartwatch for kids that can help you keep your child safe. We worked closely with the KidGuard team and developed this animated video from the scenario and concept, creation of the characters and backgrounds to character animation and music composition together with sound effects design.

We Are Alive
Art Director
Aleksandar Sandorov
Motion Graphics Design
Aleksandar Sandorov
Design and Animation
Essam Hawas
Music Composition
Sava Botic
Sound Effects Design
Khalid Mahmood
3D modeling and animation
Miljan Novcic
Animation screenshot presents Illustration of application on the mobile phone on the yellow table, as a background.
Animation screenshot presents illustration of two kids, a boy and girl making sand castle on the playground.
Animation screenshot presents illustration of dad in the living room checking his phone.
Animation screenshot presents illustration of a girl and a dog on the street. The dog is approximately her high and beautiful amber colour.
Animation screenshot presents illustration of three kids in school classroom, smiling and flying paper plane.
Animation screenshot presents wide shot of the street and the entrance of the amusement park. A girl is standing in front of the park entrance.
Animation screenshot presents close up of the illustrated dog on the street with a wooden branch in his mouth. Looks lovely and happy.
Animation screenshot presents wide scene of the street and city scape in the background with a school in the middle of the frame.