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Rebel networker


We had pleasure to work with Phil Bedford aka The Rebel Networker and to create a promotional video for his new web show.

We created graphic elements to fit well his brand image and helped him to tell the story about networking in entrepreneurship and business at whole.

We Are Alive
Art Director
James Pass
Aleksandar Sandorov
Motion Graphics Design
We Are Alive
Animation screen shot presents The Rebel Networker logo against the white background.
Video screen shot presents Phil Bedford is standing in the middle of the frame and animated words are popping up around him.
Two screen shots from the corporate video both presenting Phil Bedford in the middle of the frame with animated graphic elements around him.
Video screen shot presents illustration of the infographic chart in purple color, that present information and says: over 90% of business.
Animation screen shot presents closer shot of Phil Bedford with animation of infographic elements on the left side of the screen.