Motion Tallyfox



Tallyfox Tallium is a business ecosystem platform and online collaboration tool.

As we love to work with tech startups we decided to step in and helped them promote their services. We created a short introduction about their services in the form of explainer video with a lot of infographic elements in it. We help them refined the design and used their brand colors.

Check out the final result above.

We Are Alive
Art Director
Aleksandar Sandorov
Motion Graphics Design
Aleksandar Sandorov
Melissa Kumaresan
Voice Over
Kelly McNair
Maja Jovancevic
Nine animation screenshots arranged 3 by 3, with different parts of the animation.
Animation screenshot presents infographic chart that presents growth over time.
Animation screenshot presents illustrated pictograms and different graphs on the dark blue background.
Animation screenshot presents Tallyfox brand illustrations that look like birds heads, in orange picking out of the planet surface.
Animation screenshot presents illustrations of different objects like folders, charts, graphs, documents.