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trovicor is a company with over 20 years of experience in developing intelligence applications and solutions. We Are Alive was contacted to create an animated video that would showcase their capabilities as well as a new brand image and corporate look. We wanted to create something different and step away from the classic corporate video format.

Together with the trovicor team, We Are Alive crafted a story full of suspense and action. The story follows two intelligence analysts as they are trying to prevent a terrorist attack in the middle of the city. The challenge of this project was to integrate trovicor’s product offering and brand image into the telling of the story all while providing an attractive and cost-effective solution for the client.

Our idea was to only show a representation of the user interface and the way the analysts are using it in order to identify their suspects and save the day. We all love action and science fiction films that are full of these kinds of UI graphics and animations. This project was the perfect chance to dig deep into fantasy user interface design and we didn’t have to dig too deep, because we had a great starting point in trovicor’s actual software. We based our designs around their solutions, but made them a bit more “animation friendly”, by adding glows, lens flares, depth of field and all those tiny elements and designs. To top it all off, we added a layer of sound effects to get that techie feel and we had an excellent voice-over cast and superb sound mix supporting the entire production.

The result was amazing. We managed to stay in this UI graphical world and tell the whole story with animation and without ever showing the intelligence analysts or any explosions. We created a corporate animation that looks more like a movie trailer or a video game intro. Most importantly, it looks great on the client’s website and fits perfectly with their brand image.

We Are Alive
Art Director
Aleksandar Sandorov
Motion Graphics Design
Aleksandar Sandorov
Voice Over
Patty Mattson
Jason Kappus
Anthony Gettig
Kelly McNair
Project Manager
Ivana Stojanovic
Johanna Dzartah
Sound Effects and Audio Mix
Khalid Mahmood
Trovicor - Animation
Trovicor - Animation
Trovicor - Animation
Trovicor - Animation
Trovicor - Animation
Trovicor - Animation
Trovicor - Animation
Trovicor - Animation